sreda, 23. maj 2018


I do a lot of commercial photoshoots in a studio, in order to better control the light which proves very useful for a client to use them on different surfaces in postproduction. Over the last year I took a variety of photographs for Lidl. These photos were used for different occasions - from online use for Facebook to billboards. Agency: F2

sreda, 17. januar 2018

Vzajemna - Pr Hostar

One of the funnies photoshoots that I had so far! Characters from the most viewed Slovenian movie Pr Hostar were captured to tell a story about a young man leaving his home, his mother - in a correaltion with the product that he will need - insurance for young people. Agency: Futura DDB.

nedelja, 23. april 2017


Objective was to capture different aluminum details into compelling compositions and eyecatching presentation. Photoshoots were done in factory as well as in studio. Agency: Futura DDB

nedelja, 05. marec 2017


Studio portraits of Slovenian Alpine Skiing National Team. Shot for team sponsor Petrol with their products. Over 30 different final shots were made for various advertising occasions. Agency: Klicaj!

sreda, 24. avgust 2016

Philips - Filip & Phillipe

Studio portraits of a man holding Philips vacuum cleaner for a presentation in stores. Agency: Futura DDB

sobota, 07. maj 2016

Wiener Städtische - Dobro pokrito

Portrait of a girl in bed for Wiener Städtische Insurance Company; Agency: Nicha; Design: Eva Kozlevčar.
Advertising campaign was also featured on Marketing Magazine.

sobota, 05. december 2015

La Gente esta muy Loca

Street portraits from Barcelona, Spain.

četrtek, 14. avgust 2014

ER motorcycles

A portrait photoshoot of Blaž Šuštaršič, CEO of ER motorcycles, a team of designers who redesign and rebuild old, time-worn motorcycles. Photoshoot was done in their workshop.