torek, 11. avgust 2020


Different photoshoots I did for Mercator. Photos were used in various publications. Some were shot on location, some in studio. Agency: Herman & partnerji

ponedeljek, 13. julij 2020


Photographs I did for a nation wide campaign to promote hardware store Merkur. Photos were used in various forms and shapes, on billboards and also as a stand-alone-human-size cardboards. Agency: Publicis

petek, 10. april 2020


Photographs I did for Slovenian largest dairy products company Ljubljanske Mlekarne. Main character - a young woman - sings using companys joghurt product as a microphone. Story of the commercial was that joghurt is made of pristine Slovenian milk, and you, as a person, should be pristine and confident as well, not minding what everyone else thinks. Video can be seen here. Agency: BPCS

sreda, 04. marec 2020


Some food photographs I did for various clients.

ponedeljek, 22. april 2019


Photographs I made for medical company Mylan and their product Dona. It is a medicine that relieves symptoms of worn out knee. Its slogan is "Dont let your knee pain steal your moment to shine". Agency: Internavti

ponedeljek, 24. december 2018

Corporate Portraits

A selection of corporate portraits I made for various clients.

petek, 24. avgust 2018


Studio images I did for a furniture store Lesnina. Photos were used to promote an opening of a new mega store. Model was sitting on different chairs - all in slippers - to add more homely living room feel to it. Agency: Futura DDB

petek, 17. avgust 2018


Here are some photographs I took for a market branch called Tuš. These photographs were used for various occasions ranging from billboards to weekly brochures. The client has let me choose a scenery within certain themes - meat products, dairy products, and fruit and vegetables. Presented on the photographs is a famous slovenian actor and comedian who has been an ambassador for this branch for the past few years. Alongside the photographs a TV commercial clips were made that promote this products in a humorous and relaxed way. Agency: BPCS

sreda, 23. maj 2018


I do a lot of commercial photoshoots in a studio, in order to better control the light which proves very useful for a client to use them on different surfaces in postproduction. Over the last year I took a variety of photographs for Lidl. These photos were used for different occasions - from online use for Facebook to billboards. Agency: F2